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Rare Vintage Synth Sample Packs

The Synth Cave philosophy is simple: Provide samples that give you the closest sound as directly playing the instrument. Capturing this magic requires hearing each analog voice working together, which can’t be done by pitch shifting a few master samples. That’s why each of our packs’ 25 patches consist of 61 manually recorded samples across the entire keybed (1 per key). Our packs also include dry WAV’s of every note for your sampler & processing of choice. That’s 1,525 individual WAV’s per pack!

  • For Ableton Live & Logic Pro
  • RAW .WAV Files Included
  • Only $1 Per Patch
  • 25 Patches Included
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The Cave

We exist to curate and record the authentic sound from the music industry's most elusive gear. Tap into our collection of over 200 synthesizers with our high quality sample packs, recorded right here in The Synth Cave.

The Man

(Ryan) The Synth Cave was not a conscious decision, it just slowly happened. What started off as a teenager with a broken DX-7 and a Juno 60 given to him by his uncle has turned into a lifestyle of playing, restoring, maintaining, & collecting synths for Ryan Hawkins. 20 years later, Ryan now has one of the largest synth collections on the West Coast. He’s excited to share the unique sonic palettes of these instruments through The Synth Cave!